Meet The Biit – Gosh

How would you introduce yourself?
I’m a tumbler (born under punches). Juggling sounds, beats and words. All I want is to share. Won’t you breathe with me?

If tomorrow you woke up with new talent or skill, what would you like it to be?
A skill to choose and acquire new talents or skills easily.

What do you miss the most from your childhood?
Excitement, curiosity and bravery of discovering the world and learning endless new things.

What is your non-music related passion/hobby?
Mmmm, not a real hobby and something too modest/tame to be called passion, but a close call could be “sightfeeling” (as opposed to sightseeing). I’m a not a frequent/avid traveler; but I do love nature, architecture, smaller towns, its curious artifacts discovered by accident… Never owned a professional camera and these days only use iPhone to capture memories – if I ever do it at all, as I often prefer to simply watch and feel the place I’m in. I let go of the ideas of taking photography more seriously and abandoned an album of best shots years ago, but anyone curious or having nothing to do can check my Facebook photo diaries. Still, it’s really not about “photography” per se – these pics are just references to the actual acts of seeing/feeling and the actual places I was in and people I have met.

Who are your biggest influences?
As a human being, probably the most honest and correct answer would be – my parents.
As a musician, it was Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, Jon Hassell, Laurie Anderson and the whole scenius of underground electronica from the 90s.
As a DJ, I don’t think anyone had directly influenced my way of selecting or mixing; but spiritually, I was highly impressed by the unsung heroes of the Latvian underground rave-o-lution – AG/Raits, Vitkus, Moro, AA Concept, Varka Cru and others; and a special impact was made by way of a few encounters with Estonian extraterrestrial DJ Vadja Lahari.

What is the best part of working in a Record Store?
Helping people find something that they probably wouldn’t find otherwise, and sharing the excitement of discovery with them. Likewise, helping local artists sell their records and sharing the excitement about their great music being discovered and loved. Because music feels much better when shared.

Which record (One) would you send to the Galaxy?

Gosh Five

There are too many records in our stock that I like and often they keep selling out too quick… So I decided to list records only from Latvian artists that I have a special attachment for and which we have in a few copies, so chances are they are still available when you read this. Also it should serve as a great counterpoint for my podcast which just happened to miss any tracks by Latvian artists.

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  • rigabiit

    00:00 Bremer/McCoy – Aaben Bog
    02:52 Fazer – Blitzer
    06:42 Khruangbin – Sisters & Brothers
    07:19 Mlin Patz – July
    11:22 Masomenos – Monday
    14:46 Popp – Yerba
    16:07 D.K. – The Three Realms
    19:50 Dazion – A Bridge Between Lovers
    24:03 Space Ghost – Lavender Flower
    26:04 Greg Foat – The Mage
    30:51 New World Science – Movement 2
    35:52 ROTLA – Waves
    39:22 Akasha System – Hawk Country
    42:18 Antenna – Bird fx
    46:26 Jean-Pierre Boistel – Dans Le Secret & Clepsydre
    48:17 Barker – Paradise Engineering
    52:13 D.K./S.K. – Xerox
    55:19 Música Esporádica – I Forgot The Shirts


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